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by Sharlene Scharf on BullerTech
Thank you!

Thank you Rob! He was able to fix my virus problem in no time and found other issues to change for a successful backup. I can breathe a sigh of relief now that we have found Rob and his company! I feel like a big weight has been lifted off my shoulders now I have a reliable computer person to call. Thank you!!!

by Jacob Yonkman on BullerTech
Help with my monitor

I just wanted to say I had a very positive experience with Buller Technologies. My inqueries were answered quickly and I actually felt like people wanted to help. I would gladly recommend their service to my friends and associates.

by Bob Millar / Millar Enterprises on BullerTech

My old slow computer gave me the "blue screen of death". and crashed. BestBuy and others said that it might not be possible to fix as all the files were probably corrupted and could not be transferred. .I had purchased a new computer and wanted to retain my files from the old hard drive. I had heard about Rob, gave him a call. He came over and successfully transfered the majority of "old" files onto my new computer. It only took a couple of hours. I was absolutely amazed in watching him weave his magic with the computer. Rob was very pleasing, intelligent individual that really knows his business. I would highly recommend him to anyone!

by Prasad, Bothell, WA on BullerTech
VPN Network for my servers

Rob quickly helped to setup VPN which helped my students to access server via VPN. Thanks a lot. PRASAD

by Diane Forde (Alf Forde Enterprises, Inc) on BullerTech
BullerTech Service

Rob was referred to us several months ago and it was definitely our lucky day! He is knowledgable, prompt, friendly and makes every minute count when he comes to our office/home or works with us remotely. He has definitely simplified and improved our computer and office operation and we're not sure what we ever did without him! Among all of his other outstanding attributes--Rob is a great teacher and makes his clients feel like they know what they're doing. Thanks, Rob!

by Rob Zippro on BullerTech
Custom Computer

When I first bought a computer I went to Best Buy and tried to get assistance creating one specific to my needs. I was given some advice but was left with a lot of unanswered questions and ended up buying something that underperformed and cost more than I expected. After a few years of saving I was ready to try again, so I contacted Rob to see if he could help me finally build the custom computer I wanted. He was very precise when gathering the information needed to build the computer and his knowledge of current hardware available had me assured I wasn't going to make any unnecessary purchases this time around. Within a week he had the parts shipped and the computer assembled. The computer performs exactly how I want while the cost remained lower than I expected. Thanks again for all the help Bullertech!

by Brad Mueller on BullerTech
Computer Work

Prompt, Friendly, Courteous. I think it rare these days to find great customer service, but no worries with BullerTech. I recommend Rob whole-heartedly to anyone that has any kind of Tech problem! Put him to the test! He is fantastic! He takes all of your needs and quickly comes up with solutions to best fit whatever is happening and makes it RIGHT !! Thank you Rob!!

by Mary Anne Campbell, National School of Academic Equitation on BullerTech
Computer repair, Network support, Website hosting

I've worked in small businesses for 20 years, and have my share of horror stories about computer tech support and bizarre ideas of customer service. Rob and his crew are simply the best I've ever worked with, bar none. Fast, effective, fair, and never expensive-- I get the support I need quickly and the supplies I need cheaply, and most of all when problems arise, I don't feel that awful sinking feeling. I can trust they'll actually FIX the problem. They're pro-active in spotting future issues and helpful about finding options, not just the latest whammy dammy expensive solution. I don't recommend people easily, I think most modern customer service is a joke. But Bullertech I recommend without reservation.

by Rem Malloy, President on BullerTech
Buller Tech has not only met our companies expectations but exceeded them

Buller Tech has not only met our companies expectations but exceeded them with on time appointments, knowledgeable solutions, professional service and reasonable rates. I would not only recommend Buller Tech to my friends but would recommend them to anyone who needs a responsible and honest computer tech.

by Robin Phillips- Level Builders on BullerTech
Why are you different than other computer service companies?

Buller Tech is always on top of things. What ever situation we've had in the last year they have been able to handle it. We implemented a new website and sharepoint service, networking of our office computers as well as two at home workstations. We've also purchased two laptop computers from Bullertech as well as had an old computer rebuilt and have been completely satisfied. I love the fact that anything I'm faced with you are only an email away and your response time is always very quick. It's like having a full-time IT department without the expense. Your remote computer help is amazing. I would not hesitate to recommend you to anyone needing any sort of computer help.

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