Service Offerings

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In case you haven't checked in with us in a while...

We are constantly striving to increase our service offerings, adding more efficiency to our client’s technical systems.

Our goal is to simplify, standardize, and consolidate your tech.

Simple – so that every team member can use it, Standardized – so it doesn’t break as often & Consolidated to spend less while receiving more

Microsoft 365 Services

    • We are a Microsoft Certified Silver Reseller!
    • OneDrive/SharePoint file Services – Are you on the cloud? If not, we can get you there!
    • Exchange Email Boxes – Our mailboxes can sync across all your devices
    • Azure Profiles – Use one login account for all your devices
    • Teams Setup and Training – Have you used Microsoft Teams?  It is a great way for your team to communicate!

M365 Backup & Archiving

    • Dropsuite M365 backup services – This protects you in case of a Microsoft failure with their hosting centers
    • We can Archive according to your business needs and exact requirements

Email Protection

    • Iron scales – Advanced Email Threat warnings and Crowd-Sourced Filtering
    • Proofpoint – High-end Email Security

Pro-Active Monitoring

    • Windows updates and Real-time Computer Troubleshooting Alerts – This helps keep your computer up to date correctly and prevents computer down time

Firewall Security and Antivirus Protection

    • We offer Bitdefender Standard and Bitdefender Advanced (with Advanced Threat Response & Endpoint Detection Response)– Stay ahead of current and future threats!
    • BullerTech Remote Access – Control your computers remotely
    • VPN Services

Password Management

    • Keeper Password Management and Security – Be ready for the Digital Age!  Be able to use MF2A from your web browser instead of your cell phone!  Share password security with your organization or family as well as your BullerTech IT Staff!  We HIGHLY recommend this one!

Web Services

    • Website Hosting – Host your domain with us for the best service, Website Speed, and Protection!
    • Domain Registrations – BullerTech will safeguard your domains and perform all of the complex DNS record configurations for you
    • Website Troubleshooting, Edits, and Changes
    • Website Backups
    • Website Malware and Firewall Protection
    • SSL Certificates

Telephone Systems

    • 8×8 VOIP Phone System
    • Audio Conferencing

Internet Service procurement & negotiating

    • We can negotiate with Internet Service Providers for you to get a better rate when switching providers or moving
    • We can help establish a failover internet connection via 5G so that your internet connection never goes down

Data Control & Protection

    • Data Recovery
    • Certificate of Destruction
    • Local and Cloud Backups of all Systems
    • Local/Cloud Backups
    • Disaster Recovery – if your server goes down our replicated backup in the cloud can be back online in minutes
    • File System Organization

Computer | Laptops | Tech Hardware

    • Don’t like shopping for your own tech stuff?  Don’t know what you need or would like some help?  We are on the pulse of tech hardware and can directly provide the hardware solutions you need to run your business.  Just tell us what you need and we can help you get the best equipment that will give you the least hassle.

Onsite Services

    • Computer and Network Hardware Organization – We can organize and label your equipment for ease of use and to prevent fire hazards!
    • Onsite Systems Troubleshooting – You name it, we can most likely fix it.  Have us come out to you and we will take a look!

Emergency & Outside of Hours Service  

  • Service is available outside of our business hours or in case of an emergency *Increased Rates Apply